A Pause

Bye-bye old website.

Bye-bye old website.

I am taking a moment to renew my website. The initial motivation was to move away from the often hacked and buggy wordpress theme (that refuses to listen to its CSS!) to the ease and security of Squarespace. Yes, even UX designers love a good, functional web service in some situations. No need to reinvent the wheel every time. 

This provides the perfect opportunity for me to yet again attempt to articulate what it is I do. As always, I’ve been racking up the buzzword-type skills and functioning as the bridge between a plethora of departments and disciplines. While I cover my walls with sticky notes in researching my own mind using my full brand, UX and Human-Centered Design toolbox, I’ll also be focusing on my blog. 

In the space between research, strategy, content, marketing, design and technology the output and the definitions of terms might be ever-shifting but the skills and capabilities have a core. I just need to discover elegance of phrasing to clarify that essence. It is my job to distill complexity and triangulate multiple viewpoints for others so I know it is possible.

Any other interdisciplinary UXers, strategists, content marketers, systems thinkers, service designers, business intelligence gurus, design educators or brand developers have this problem? I would love to hear from you! Let's band together.  

Over the weekend, I started Seth Godin’s Leadership workshop on Udemy. I’m using the prompts to start exercising my writing muscles in a different direction from the types of writing involved in my day job. The method: fast, not perfect. The process: to write until patterns start to emerge. The goal: a concise definition of my work as ‘the bridge.’ 

One thing I know is that every project is its own beast. And that the most fulfilling UX follows research to understand and best serve the users. The rest is up for grabs. Embrace ambiguity, my friends. Enjoy the ride.