Analysis of Experience Prototype

Today I held a postmortem for the cooking experience. After reflecting, I had a set of personal learnings and compared my list of objectives to my interpretation of the outcome. I facilitated a class discussion, giving everyone the opportunity to critique after a week to process their experience. It was a great opportunity and I found that the feedback I received today was for more challenging and more helpful than it was immediately after the activity.

Highlighted feedback:

  • When adjusting this activity for cooking with kids, children should have more choices as well as the opportunity to lead.
  • My role as the facilitator of the activity should be better defined and more intentional. For instance, my goal was to strictly observe and document but I ended up intervening when I observed that a participant might fail in implementing a recipe. I should have allowed them to problem solve for themselves.
  • The connection to health or sustainability should be more explicit
  • The typographic cues for content types were subliminally effective but not noticed and this is something I should explore further.


JournalKaren Whistler