Back for Desert

The family from cooking number two saw on an earlier blog post that I had made a desert in my first cooking activity. Understandably, the child was slightly disappointed that his session had a different purpose. So, I gladly returned to make the apple crumble. We had a great time cooking together again. I had intended for this to be just fun-not a part of research-but, I inadvertently learned a few things that are beneficial to my project.

  • The Gather, Prepare, Cook structure became more natural and intuitive the second time around. The atmosphere of cooking was much more relaxed and comfortable.
  • The child picked up on the activity and knew what to expect next, causing him to take more ownership and leadership.
  • I was under a time crunch which helped me to drive the activity and better balance moving things along with including the child. I realized that, previously, I had catered too much to including the child with every minute detail, which added unnecessary time to cooking.

It is funny how this project is causing me to analyze and learn from every interaction in the kitchen. Even cooking at home for my husband and I has become an activity worth analysis. I can say that I am learning leaps and bounds at every turn.

JournalKaren Whistler