Back from Hibernation


Today I leave Mat Leave behind and return to teaching life at VFS. I cannot say full-time mom life was a cake walk. It was hard. Crazy hard. Hire a professional sleep consultant hard. Balancing the working mom life is going to be a challenge as well. But, I am just so excited about what is around the corner for VFS Digital Design that I just can’t stay away any longer.

I am transitioning into a full-time instructor roll to pursue more curriculum development and focus on the student experience. I couldn’t be more thrilled. Not to ruin any surprises but I’ve got some incredible curriculum for new and revamped courses up my sleeves.

As I take-on this new position I am also taking over a wide range of existing Communication and Interactive courses. One I am particularly pumped about is User Experience and Innovation. We are going to have some fun and get our hands dirty with real user research. Pumped.

Technology. Internet of Things. Infographics and more. Coming up soon so stay tuned.

JournalKaren Whistler