Big, Clever, Gorgeous

The first-year MAA exhibition, Big, Clever, Gorgeous was our opportunity to showcase our work from the first year. Design, Visual Art and Media students were presented alongside each other in the main Concourse Gallery at Emily Carr. The MAA Design candidates saw this as an opportunity to create a collaborative project for the gallery space that represented our thesis projects. Noticing that there were similar themes in all of our work, we created a system of color coded planet-like orbits. Each designer interpreted our work through the five areas of focus and used influences, studio work, theory and precedents to communicate our projects.



Center circle: Name and research focus Green: Environment Red: Design and theory Blue: Personal influences Purple: Visual work Orange: Social and cultural


The team at the gallery opening



The description read:

'It’s All Part of the Process' is a set of graphically stylized constellations that was co-created by five designers of different disciplinary backgrounds. Each color represents a broad area of research focuses, many of which intersect with other systems of passions, personal ventures and design projects. Objects with closer proximity to the ‘Name and research focus’ hub represent stronger connections to that individuals area of study, and likewise, objects orbiting at the perimeter show new adventures, or projects in the making."


For mine, I had a few ideas that I recently cut out of my theses so I demonstrated this by having them fall out of orbit and onto the gallery floor.

A successful visualization and example of design collaboration.

JournalKaren Whistler