Cooking with Kids

Yesterday i had my first ‘cooking with kids’ session of ethnographic research. It went well and I walked away with a plethora of observations, quandaries and questions for my project. The first thing I did when I got home was to reflect and write down all the immediate thoughts and observations. This activity was a complete success but it also exposed further holes and challenges for my project. Pondering where to go next with this wealth of information is a challenge.

Today, I watched the video of the entire activity (at 8x the speed). I recorded it to get a sense of how we moved about the kitchen during the cooking process. This provided additional insight that may be more practical to the development of my system than my initial feelings of being overwhelmed by the complexity of the problem of simultaneously engaging parents and children on busy weeknight meals.

I’ve attempted to boil my observations down to a set of three digestible blog post but I think the learning from yesterday is going to pop up for a long time. Here are three posts to look forward to in the next few days:

Post 1:

Setting the stage: the meal cards

Post 2:

Things learned while cooking with a child

Post 3:

Where to go from here

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