Cooking with Kids, Round 3

Today was the third research session cooking with kids. It was my first time cooking with more than one child. The participants were three sisters, ranging in my full spectrum of 6-10. What a lovely group of children, they were so generous and helpful to one another. It was an ideal cooking scenario.  

They worked together to Gather.


The eldest was great at keeping to the Meal Card instructions and reminding everyone to wash hands at the beginning of each stage.


I found that the division of tasks was easier with multiple children. I could point to the cards and they were all eager to take tasks and run with them. The sisters were great at sharing and taking turns. The older sister was comfortable and confident in the kitchen, while still being open to learning new skills herself, she also took some of the role of instructing and helping the younger children.


The three worked well independently, making the Prepare go quickly.


Before this activity, I was concerned that multiple children would be ‘too many cooks in the kitchen’ but it was actually quite efficient. We completed the meal in a little over half an hour.


I did observe that the Meal Cards moved about the kitchen in a different way than the previous two sessions. It was more important to have them propped up in a central location so everyone could see. For their kitchen, the best workspace was to set up chopping stations around the table with the Meal Card in the middle (propped on the compost bin). A good thing to take not of when I design the Display.




Setting the table together.


The finished Meal.


JournalKaren Whistler