Cooking with Kids, Round 4

Tonight was another cooking activity! These get better every time, I am constantly learning. Today was a sister-brother duo of participant chefs, aged 5 and 9. They did a great job and worked well together.

The 9-year-old was a great co-chef. She kept track of the recipe on the cards and took great leadership in moving the dinner forward. It really felt like an adult-child partnership.

It was good experience to cook with a 5-year-old, technically outside of my range. He was very helpful and interested but got bored throughout the activity. This worked out well because his sister and I were able to move forward and allow space for him to jump in and out of the activity as he pleased. This was a great learning opportunity for my project. The atmosphere of flexibility and low stress load is ideal for making dinner on a busy weeknight. My challenge is now to design this flexibility of participation into the system so that families can experience this mood while cooking together.

My next step will be to design myself out of the system and apply what I have learned to Instruction Cards for parents and children.


JournalKaren Whistler