Cooking with Kids, Round Two

Today, I had my second research activity with a new family. The activity has been revised and, since I had experienced cooking with a child, the research is now  more targeted at the end scenario of a busy weeknight. My goal was to cook a meal in under an hour. We focused on one meal, the stir fry. For the activity, the child had two options to make. The first option was between a ginger sesame sauce or a peanut sauce. The second between rice or noodles. He chose ginger sesame and noodles.

The child’s level of interest was exciting and made the activity enjoyable for us both. From the previous activity, I was cognizant of delegating tasks as opposed to making the child the center of all activities. Trying to move the activity forward, I balanced including the child and describing what we were doing with working to complete parts of the meal.

This participant was very eager to learn. He asked many great questions and requested explanations and instructions along the way. I took extra time to go over measurements and give knife skill instructions.


We were able to divide and conquer the Prepare steps.


Cook was done together. I monitored and together participant and I stirred and watched it cook.


Like the first participant, he also enjoyed plating the dish and using extra sesame seeds as a garnish.


The participants' mother commented that she was surprised he liked the dish and tried the vegetables. In my book, that makes the evening a success.



JournalKaren Whistler