Critique Reflection

Based on critique feedback, I see that the direction I was headed was too formulaic, prescriptive and adult for what I am trying to accomplish. I am envisioning my next steps for studio will be:

  • Redirect recipe direction, chart out general types of meals and unpack how to build a meal structure that will be successful with some system of flexibility where families can experiment and make choices


  • iconography styles creating multiple variations of each current icon and expand icons from tools to potentially foods and bigger concepts like cooking processes or directions


  • mood board to find visual direction that is more fun and embraces the idea of play

I seem to be struggling with old pitfalls in my design process and the rush to polish and detail production before it is ready. I need to step back and make some design decisions and not purely focus on the form of the system and function of the instruction.

JournalKaren Whistler