Eureka Moment

Had a fantastic moment of clarity today. All the behavior and consumption I am looking at all pivots around the intersection of people. I started out with "examine an individuals relationship to food in context to their community" but then quickly realized I am examining much more than food. I want to somehow capture what influences our feelings about total wellness. This is a huge opportunity for design.

Lately I have been working under the premise that design (through the foundation of the industrial revolution) has gotten society into this mess of over consumption and rushed lifestyle. This means design needs to lead the messaging on the way out. This is bigger than a food system. More than what we eat but our attitude, our paradigm, about what is acceptable as a framework for living.

Thesis Statement

Here is my current understanding of the intersection of food and community to sustainability and health. This diagram shows all the external social and political pressures on how these four elements interact. This also helps me visually clarify the connection between health of an individual and health of the planet. The terms 'health' and 'sustainability' can be applied to individual people, communities and the global environment.

Thesis Intersection

Other issues currently under consideration:

  • The ability for community to add value to an individual and shape their perception of food
  • Food + Sustainability: What is better for the planet is actually better for you
  • Access to resources and education
  • Political pressure: Parties using food issues as a platform for political agenda and distorting facts for personal gain
  • Pesticides, chemicals, packaging, material impact on the environment
JournalKaren Whistler