Exhibition Planning: Draft One


I am beginning to plan my exhibition. These are (very!) rough ideas of how to present this work for the degree show.

The plan is to build a counter-top to allude to the kitchen environment, pairing the space with large-scale posters that describe the partnership of ethnographic participant research and design responses.

I would like my space to be interactive, where gallery visitors can handle the Meal Cards and use the Display and Storage. I am still working out a way to make this clean and not cluttered. It must be well organized where everything can be put in its place. One possibility is to create the counter-top with divots or slots for each piece. Some of this will be resolved as I get a better sense of the design for the Display and Storage solutions--which at this point are still fairly unresolved

This second version has more cues of a kitchen. A refrigerator will be painted on the wall and may use magnetic paint for the Display of Meal Cards.


The third option includes a digital display to show more of the process work. I would most likely arrange the content from my digital process book (this blog) so that visitors can browse through the research and studio process.

That is draft one of ideas...I've still got a long way to go for the exhibition. One challenging but positive thing that came from creating these mock-ups was that it exposed areas of the system that need more design attention. It also provided clarity on what to work on next and where to focus my energy.

JournalKaren Whistler