I survived and lived to tell the tale. Imagine you find out you are pregnant. Finally. The joy and excitement and anticipation…and nausea. Then you realize the context of the short weeks ahead of you. The final gauntlet of grad school. A mountain of deliverables like you’d never experienced. Throw a few more major life changes into the mix and this is where I sit.

In the past week I moved to a smaller apartment (but did not unpack), I completed my prototype, I defended my thesis, I installed my exhibition, I started my new job teaching. I had a gallery opening. My parents and in-laws came to town. I wrote a valedictorian speech and I graduated. All in exactly seven days.

But today, I graduated. I got up early and rushed to a coffee shop to craft a “brilliant” narrative to encapsulate the past two years to represent my class. I was a wreck. I had no direction. I felt nothing but morning sickness. In the midst of frantic fury I found a special place of calm and somehow nailed it (by strength that was not my own) in 20 minutes.

Fast forward to more rushing to dress and commute to the graduation. It all happened so fast, and now it is over.

So here I sit in wall-to-wall floor-to-ceiling boxes (except for a tiny clearing for my in-law’s air mattress). I got through the impossible week. I sit here not knowing what just happened and waiting for the immense weight of grad school to lift. Reality will soon set in. I made it.

Tomorrow my husband and I celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary. I think we will celebrate by beginning to unpack. But first, I need a nap.



Accepting my degree.





Giving my speech in front of a lot of people.



A LOT of people.

PS: Out of town friend and family have requested the video of today. i am planning on posting it, eventually.