Here is a tool to tell your friends about.



I am getting down to the nitty-gritty editing of the written thesis and I found a phenomenal tool. analyzes your text and flags the writing on over a dozen criteria. I am super impressed that a script can interpret writing so thoroughly. It starts by scanning the internet for possible citations. It was so comprehensive that it even picked up phrases I used on this blog that ended up in my thesis. It found the source of nearly all of my references.



I realized how limited my understanding of grammar is, this made me want to take a grammar and language course. Then, I realized this was nearly as good as taking a class. By the time I went through my whole document, I started to pick up on the concepts that grammarly was demonstrating.



Although it took me nearly 12 hours to input and correct my entire thesis, I feel like it elevated my writing to the next level. I highly recommend it and have been telling all my cohorts to check out the site for their own theses. They even offer a free 7-day trial.




Grammarly also has an incredible synonym tool that makes is easy to see words used too often or vague words, suggesting better ones.

Thanks Grammarly!

JournalKaren Whistler