IDSA International Conference


Today I fly home from Boston after having presented at my first conference.

This week I spoke at the Industrial Designers Society of America (IDSA) International Conference 2012: 'The Future is...'

Although I am not an Industrial Designer and the word ‘Film’ on my name-tag caused great confusion, there was lots to be learned and absorbed. My presentations on systems fit right in as the Industrial Design industry begins a shift from designing products to services and Product Service Systems.

In this regard, the focus areas of Industrial Design and Interactive Design are blending territories. I noticed a large conversation on services as well as interaction and experience which made me feel right at home. There were some noticeable trends around Design Thinking, Healthcare, Sustainability and Social Design.

One of my favorite presentations I saw was from Jody Medich of Kicker Studio on 'Design for Physical Thinking.' Watch her presentation for yourself, it is good stuff.

Design for Physical Thinking by Jody Medich at the IDSA 2012 International Conference from Kicker Studio on Vimeo.

The highlight of my trip was taking a bike tour around Boston as a part of the offsite activities. We biked from one studio party to another and experienced the best firms Boston had to offer from IDEO to Sprout to the Knoll showroom. The perfect balance of sightseeing, exercise and nerding out over sweet designer office spaces.

Check it out. My paper lives forever in the IDSA archives.


My name in print! The Program of Speakers.



A Screenshot of the Conference App.



Best. Foodtruck. Ever.



The souvenir I purchased for our future Tiny Human. To remember the time they went to Boston in utero. 


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