Journal Reflection

Now that I am starting to get a sense of the form and interaction in a general sense, my goal this week is to work through some details of how the content is organized and delivered. I find myself constantly weaving from looking at the big picture complexity of the system to pondering the nitty gritty details. A process that, although highly necessary, can be exhausting and slightly overwhelming. So, here is my first attempt at bringing those two together in prototype form.

In order to tackle this challenge, I had to make a plan (it is just what I do!). I started by unpacking all of the situations and contexts of use that the product facilitates. They were all swimming in my head and this helped me prioritize and build a hierarchy.

The Plan

1. Focus on the recipe card  (Pick 3 meals)

  • Content structure, layout and typography
  • Iconography
  • Form
  • Simplicity
  • Material

Sequencing, staging, preparing, cooking

2. Components for user-generated cards

  • System of stickers and icons
  • Framework to divide content and roles

Content management and interpretation of instruction


3. Public/live information platform

  • Display system (such as fridge)
  • Hierarchy of content
  • Weekly and daily food organizer

Simplicity, Inclusion of whole family


4. Stored/housed information system

  • Book, storage for cards
  • Instructions and activities
  • Has specific location within home to live

Accessibility, growth & transformation, information experience, storage, form

I realize that a goal is to transition a family from saying “I don’t have time to cook, nonetheless include kids which takes more time” to “Cooking on weekdays is attainable because the kids are able share the workload and contribute, it has become our family time together.”

JournalKaren Whistler