Meet Sprout

Project finding has resulted in developing a product-service system called Sprout that facilitates community engagement around food.

The projects that emerged from last weeks exercise have been woven together to create a system that supports families learning about food and sustainability.


It includes four aspects:

SproutBOOK, a hands-on activity book for schools and families.

SproutMEDIA, an online community to connect, learn, share and track progress on activities for the family.

SproutCENTER, a physical community-focused store to buy products, complete activities, learn and discover new things as a family.

SproutOUT, a sample business partnership that promotes sustainable actions in a holistic lifestyle. This product is a reusable take out container that partner restaurants provide to reduce packaging waste.

I approached this phase of the project as a mini brand-building exercise. I looked at the services, personality, values and staffing hierarchy.

This is a fruitful development that both helps me further define my thesis vision but also strategize how to be business-minded in establishing a successful system of products.

JournalKaren Whistler