Open Food Hack-a-Thon

Today I had the privilege to take part in the #openfood hack-a-thon hosted by friends at Foodtree.  The goal is to create a database of open food data as a resource for developers to use. The analogy given was how no developer has had to code a zipcode dropdown in 10 years because an open source API exists for that data. Wouldn’t it be amazing if data on food was available in a similar way? While the developers were busy developing a fully functioning API, I was in the room unpacking the complexity of food data as well as usability scenarios. We discussed issues around food sources, farming practices, pesticides, allergens, ethical standards for workers, price, nutrition and certifications among many, many other things. By the end of the day we had identified problem statements, ten themes of food data, user stories and began to develop an icon set. More info on the foodree blog.

All interested food enthusiasts should take part as the project develops. Check out and the open wiki we created on Github.

I am excited to continue working with the Foodtree and Open Food teams on this project.

JournalKaren Whistler