Physical Prototypes, Round 1

This week I thought through the potential system of making cards for recipes and housing them somewhere in your home.

Themes I am looking at are:

  • Behaviors of use
  • Adoptability over time
  • Accessible storage and organization when not in use
  • Building the system for expansion
  • Framework for families to add and customize own meals

I specifically focused on the ‘housing’ and storage element and how that would encourage people to use it and not just sit on a shelf.

My first concept was to integrate the system into the family cookbook shelf. I based the initial iteration on the scale of something that would be both familiar and dominant on the shelf. The Joy of Cooking is a standard book that is know for being authoritative and large in size. I first made a cardboard shape the size of the Joy of Cooking to give myself a frame of reference. I then used that scale to create a form that had a pull-out story-book of reference material and a space to accumulate meal cards.


Then I thought about how kids love to collect and treasure things in small boxes so I created a treasure-chest where each card fit snugly. The square hole that secured the cards in the box would also function in how the cards attach to the possible display system when in use.

I also thought about a ‘book-within-a-book’ concept that could house a book and space for cards to accumulate.

I also explored a little bit of how those meal cards would be displayed while in use. The goal is making the information public so everyone can use and participate. Right now I am thinking this would live on the refrigerator but this part of the system needs further investigation.



JournalKaren Whistler