Precedent Testing

Today I investigated some precedent research by cooking recipes from the children’s cookbook Cook it in a Cup!. I was drawn to this cookbook in particular because it structures the activity for kids by cooking all recipes in small silicon muffin cups. I am intrigued by the idea of limiting parts of the activity to make it more accessible and manageable for kids. It also allows room for play within the framework of the cups if kids want to experiment on their own.

My thesis supervisors daughter Rebecca has been assisting me with my research. She just graduated high school and has a passion for food and cooking. She has been a tremendous help so far in assisting with my participant research. Today, she worked with me to test out the kids cookbook.

After cooking four recipes from the book, we had the following observations:

  • Recipes often fell into the trap of ‘kid food’ with lots of cheese or added sugar
  • Once cooked down the servings were too small, even for children
  • The content did not address health or sustainability where it had potential for greater applied learning


JournalKaren Whistler