Processing the System Functions, a Few Thoughts

Because the goal is to get families to cook and eat together, my objective is to not specify what families should eat. I am suggesting a level of awareness to the health and sustainability of food through encouraging whole unprocessed choices but this system should not be prescriptive. I am not an expert in nutrition or cooking, I am a designer. One thing I have been processing lately is how to build the system flexible enough for families to add their own content and meals. I think I need to include some meals set up by me to establish the system. This will also relieve the burden from families without a repertoire of recipes from having to ‘come up with an idea’ of how to build a meal. The desire is that with a small handful of foundational recipes, families who use it enough can then gain confidence to experiment or add other meal ideas. This will all depend on the strength of the framework and the quality of the instruction to build that level of confidence.

A huge question I am grappling with is how I can build a framework that can be easily replicated by the families using it to cook. Does that mean removing complexity? Does that mean starting with looser recipes? I am not sure yet.

JournalKaren Whistler