Pumpkin Sequencing Experiment

Lately, I have been thinking about how the preparation of foods and ingredients can be distributed throughout a week. Building on the idea behind ‘carrots for the week,’ I further explored how preparing meals can be divided over time.

As I go throughout my day, I am constantly thinking about my thesis. I have been observing my own interaction with food and cooking. In the spirit of food experiments, my husband and I went to the UBC farm and picked a few pumpkins. We then spent a few weeks trying to use pumpkin in as many ways as possible.

Over one week we attempted to sequence the preparation and cooking over a few days.  One day we cut and toasted the seeds. The following evening we roasted pumpkin and ate some as a vegetable side with dinner. The next day we took some of the roasted pumpkin, pureed it and made a curried pumpkin soup. We also had enough pureed pumpkin left over to freeze. Over the following weekend we made a pie (with brandied whip cream no less!)


We accomplished many of our ideas but in the end we had more pumpkin than we could handle. We roasted the rest, removed the skin, chopped it up and put it in the freezer for future pumpkin exploration.

JournalKaren Whistler