Research Clusters

Some themes are emerging as I start refining questions for the thesis and synthesize all the literature I am consuming. Ideas of systems thinking, sustainability and culture are swirling around in my head.  As I contemplate my role as a designer fitting into the larger social context, I envision design thinking as the hub for sustainability and culture. Right now I am playing off of the idea of these two triads. Design facilitating the relationship between sustainability and culture for the benefit of the individual, planet and society. It seems a bit abstract but it is another step towards clarity.

Research Clusters

So far, I have read or am currently reading:

Margaret Wheatley, What is Our Role in Creating Change

Donella Meadows, Thinking in Systems

John Thackara, In the Bubble

Peter Checkland, Systems Thinking

Alex Steffen, World Changing

Mental Models, Indi Young

JournalKaren Whistler