Scenario Diagram & Paper Mock-Ups

This week I reflected on the possibility of what the entire system could be for my project. I asked myself how the purchasing and cooking of food can be integrated to reduce barriers. I came up with a system that uses a CSA or Farm Box where you could purchase an all-inclusive recipe kit. Families could order the total kit or a combination of the recipe card and ingredients.

This lead me to unpack adoptability over time and how the system would loop for people to order the same meal multiple times using the same meal card. I also thought through how families would store the meal cards and how the system would adapt and grow over time.

I then made paper prototypes of potential card layouts, formats and ways of attaching the cards.

The learning outcome from this activity was that in creating a rough scenario I was able to identify gaps and see the need for further scenario building. I also gained a more tangible grasp of potential parts to this system. This lead to a better understanding of what the current holes or challenges are as well as developing more questions for future making.

JournalKaren Whistler