Six Thinking Hats

To build on our 10 questions, we did an exercise in class called Six Thinking Hats We discussed our project in pairs with the six focused areas. I worked with Ana and found this to be tremendously helpful. When she repeated my ideas back to me, it was so much clearer. I gained a higher understanding of my project. The next week, we took our maps, hats and posted everything up in class. We then  went through and brainstormed visualizations for each project. The activity was overwhelming but ultimately helpful. Slowly moving toward my thesis question and am beginning to bring together all the reading into visual ideas.

Six Hats 8

Six Hats 7

Six Hats 6

Six Hats 5

Six Hats 4

Six Hats 3

Six Hats 2

Six Hats 1

Work Space

After analysis of the exercise and looking at each hat, here is the information I extracted:

Six Hats

I also started a wall displaying my influences. Since I’ve started school, so many names have been given to me read. I started combining the influences I had before I came with who I am currently reading and the names I still need to investigate. Yellow means I have read them and green means I have seen their visual work.

Name Dropping

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