Sprout Business Plan

Building on the Sprout system, the final stage of our studio course is to design an Innovation Case, a structure designed by our professor Jim O’Grady. This ten-part business plan acts as a case for funding and launch of a viable business. I choose to target my audience as the initial investors who would launch the Sprout foundation and provide enough funding for an initial marketing effort and kickstarter.com campaign to produce the first part of the Sprout system, SproutBOOK.

For me to make sense of the story that this pitchbook was telling, I had to make it visual.  Implementing similar techniques I used to write the Thesis Project Proposal I first paginated a general outline of content, then posted that so I could see the whole book at once.


Jim worked with me to critique and direct my three stages of revision. I was clinging to the material experience of the finished book. I wanted to make it dynamic, tactile and unique. He helped me reign in the form to something manageable and not overstated. Here are a few images of my process:

Configuring the financial details


Business launch timeline round one


Business launch timeline round two



As I was working on a somewhat fictitious  business plan, I learned a lot about my thesis as well. One revelation was the idea of dividing the act of eating into SHOP, COOK, and EAT. This divides the food experience into; SHOP, all the ways you acquire food, COOK, ways food can be prepared and EAT, the experience of enjoying food in community.

One of my favorite parts of this project are the illustrations of food. It was a fun chance to create in a more expressive, less academic way than I have been working lately. I tend to be overly structured and through a purely visual exploration I felt a brain muscle work that I hadn’t used in a while, as thinking-through-making. Also, I think they are fun to look at and visually enhance the pitch book.



Thanks again to Elissa Watts, copy editing extraordinaire.

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