Thesis Defense


Today, in the midst of the exhibition install, I defended my thesis. We had a lively discussion which pushed the bounds of my work, shed light on a few improvements but overall celebrated the full body of work. Exactly what I was hoping for. My internal examiner was Bonne Zabolotney, Dean of Design at Emily Carr. The external examiner skyped in from Calgary, Barry Wylant. He brought some good (and very detailed) critique and discussion points.

I passed the defense with very minor revisions. But, no celebrating yet. There are a few steps left this week, like finishing my exhibition and preparing to start teaching at Vancouver Film School tomorrow.

I did video the defense and I might post if I can bring myself to watch it someday. For now it is a little to fresh and i get a little too embarrassed watching myself on film. In the meantime, if you are interested in seeing it contact me and I can send you a dropbox viewing link.