Thesis Proposal Presentation

Today I gave my thesis project proposal presentation. Overall it went very well and the questions and feedback were fairly mild. Here are a few highlights from the presentation. It was recorded and streamed live using but the feed was corrupted. Initially, I was upset that i would not be able to review my presentation for self-critique and reflection but I am okay with it and ready to move forward and make lots of work! Creating the presentation was as much a reflective process of what I have done the past year as it was a decision-making process of how narrow the scope and then communicate where I am going.


One revelation that came out of the presentation preparation process brought me to clearly visualize the design opportunity and potential solution.

This pictogram reads: People in North America aren’t sitting down to meals with their families or using whole foods to cook at home.

Food eaten is using these destructive processes that lead to global warming.


This pictogram reads: People eat foods where they know how the food got from the source to their homes, and parents & children cook together and eat meals together.


JournalKaren Whistler