Tri-Fold Cards. A Solution!


After months and months of grappling with the problem of where the cards live while you cook, I think I’ve got it. This last user session has had me working intensely on a better way to present the Meal Cards. A session with my mentor Louise St. Pierre was exactly what I needed to distill down what I’ve learned through the iterations and come up with a solution.

And, like any remarkable epiphany, it is so damn simple.

A tri-fold card. Gather, Prepare and Cook bound together in a table tent. It is much like you would see specials advertised at a chain diner. No hardware to install. No stands. No awkward holding place that would never fit all kitchen layouts. Simple. Intuitive. Aligns with the other parts of the system beautifully.

A little finessing to get the card to lay flat in the book and problem solved. Ahhhhh feels so good. Thank you Louise.

Now, it is time to test it out on a family.


The Chaos of Before.




The Simplicity After.





JournalKaren Whistler