User Testing Round One


Today I began the process of designing myself out of the system.

Up until now I have partnered with users and lead the research phases. The end product will not include me in the kitchen to answer questions. So, I am testing the cards through observing parents and children cook.

I found the hardest part of the User Testing was holding my tongue when the users were doing things differently than I hoped or when they were confused. I had to let the system of instructions speak for itself. I had to let it fail.

It was an incredible learning opportunity. I was pleasantly surprised at how well the family did and I learned where some serious holes existed. To my delight, the post-session interview was overwhelmingly positive. Both parent and child stated that this experience gave them strategies for cooking together. Both proclaimed they would like to make cooking together a part of their regular routine going forward.

The biggest learning outcome from today was from the number of cards. It was great how they were being picked up and passed around. But, the cards also got confused, mixed up and misplaced.  Between all options and stages the family had eleven cards to manage. That is simply too many.

Something I have been prototyping from the beginning is where the cards live while you cook with them. I built stands, I build under-the-counter clips, I built fridge magnets- nothing solved my problem.

This is my new mission. The cards must be consolidated and they must have a way to be propped up on their own.

JournalKaren Whistler