In order to ground all this theory and chaos into potential pieces of design, Deborah is having us translate the outcomes of the Six Thinking Hats into visualizations. I found this very useful and am quite excited at the range of possibilities for implementing my thesis topic. Some of these sketches are far-fetched and others more practical. A good mix for this stage.

You Are What You Eat Fast food warning labels

Based on the concept of cigarette warning labels on packaging, this campaign plainly displays the risks of fast food in the windows of the restaurant. Nutrition information is available for most fast food but this bold method takes it from ‘out of sight, out of mind’ to the reality of the consequences of the fast food diet.

You Are What You Eat

True Food Smart phone application

This app helps users track more than the typical caloric intake and exercise tracking apps. Food is rated holistically for what is good for the individual, the local community and the planet. The app recommends portion size, calculates energy and eco footprint, tracks distance traveled on a map, rates seasonability and helps you share local tips and recipes with friends and family.

True Food

Take Me Out Reusable take-away containers

This reusable container is designed for use in restaurants to hold take-away orders and left overs. Customers purchase the sturdy container to take their food home. The box is designed to open flat for cleaning and then fold into a small, flat shape to easily carry for the next restaurant visit. The material is renewable and biodegradable. When the customer no longer wants Take Me Out, it can be composted.

Take Me Out

Family Activity Book

A book of projects for the whole family that teaches our relationship to food through community building.

This book provides opportunities for families to learn together through activities. All projects are centered around food, sustainability and community. Within each project there are appropriate tasks designated for each age group. The whole family works together to get the projects complete, while learning valuable principles.

Family Activity Book

Sit Down to Eat Viral campaign to promote community at mealtime An investigation into authentic community, this campaign uses food to bring people together. The movement calls attention to the intangible things we loose when rushing though modern life. Sit Down to Eat uses online social networking tools in conjunction with live events and gatherings to foster community.

Sit Down to Eat

Sustainable Grocery Store Reimagined store layout

The grocery store is the resource and spending hub of the average North American family. There is great potential for small changes to make large impact through designing the store for health and sustainability. The store system is designed to encourage bulk, reusable packaging and discourage disposable pre-packaged goods. This store translates ideas from a farmers market into the everyday supermarket. Sustainability is holistically considered through buying local and compostable or refillable packaging.

Sustainable Grocery

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