Wearable Technology & eHealth Launches


Trends, Internet of Things, Wearables, eHealth, Rapid Prototyping, Hacking, Crowdfunding and playing with toys. What more could a student ask for? My new course launched this week and I couldn’t be more thrilled. I’ve been working for months for how to reconcile these themes into a cohesive course that will launch the students into future modes of thinking about design solutions.

Starting with a workshop with special guest Nik Badminton I’ve got lots in store for this course. As we move through the course students will be testing the limits of smartphones and connected devices, role-playing , journey mapping and building contextual prototypes to solve an eHealth brief. They will be asked to paper prototype a digital interface as well as supporting hardware. It will be first Digital Design course to incorporate Industrial Design physical prototyping practices.

Our Program Manager, Lizzie, did a great write-up on our blog OOMPH about the course. Stay tuned as we will be documenting and sharing the progress each week. I will continue to post something short with a link as things unfold.

Check out the full OOMPH post here: http://community.vfs.com/oomph/2014/03/designing-for-the-ehealth-and-wearable-technology-revolution/

JournalKaren Whistler