Wearables Lesson 1 Round-up


Wearable Technology and eHealth has begun, our guest Nik Badminton was a hit. Danny Chan is documenting the course and did a great write-up over on the OOMPH blog. Check out the link for more pictures: http://community.vfs.com/oomph/2014/03/wearable-technology-and-ehealth/

"Hot on the heels of his DD Talks presentation about Design Trends, Nik Badminton was a guest speaker for the first lesson of the new Wearable Technology and eHealth course.  He discussed trends in the mobile arena and recent industry developments such as different ways smartphones have been hacked to achieve greater functionality. The students were also given an introduction to the concept of the Internet of Things, which expanded the discussion possibilities and planted seeds for their in-class exercise."