Wearables Lesson 3 Round-up


Re-post from Vancouver Film School Digital Design OOMPH.

Tech gadgets are fun to play with, but how can we build on existing technology to form new and innovative eHealth solutions? Our third lesson of the Wearable Technology and eHealth course investigated these possibilities.

I began by introducing students to a brief history of connectivity. Our discussion then focused on biohacking and principles for designing with empathy in order to humanize product systems. We concluded that context is king. Building off of the VanUE event hosted at VFS earlier in the week (coincidentally focused on Wearables) our key point landed on a quote from the speaker, Kharis O’Connell. He talked about how “the biggest challenge will be finding compelling use cases for all this technology.”

To read the full article, go to: http://community.vfs.com/oomph/2014/03/wearable-technology-and-ehealth-lesson-three/