Wearables Lesson 4 Round-up


Re-post from Vancouver Film School Digital Design OOMPH.

We have reached the midpoint of our journey into the wearable technology course. Rapid Prototyping and Journey Mapping was the theme for lesson four. The students began by presenting the progress of their prototypes. They walked through how their ideas were transformed through validating assumptions with targeted users. Building on knowledge and experience from the Venture Studio workshop, they used either the Lean Startup Machine Validation Board or the Javelin Experiment Board as part of their process.

We then took a pause to examine at our role as User Experience experts in the emerging field of connected and wearable products. The class discussed unique ways that our interactive design skill set adds value as well as best practices for collaborating with other professionals such as engineers, computer scientists, industrial designers and medical professionals.

Moving forward with their projects, the class will take an iterative approach to rapidly prototype low fidelity versions of the physical device and digital interface. Based on the scope of building a framework for users to customize their own experiences, the students have been tasked with role-playing and journey mapping their solutions.

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