Thanks for visiting the brand shiny new karenwhistler.com. I want to take this opportunity to share just how collaborative the creation my personal website became. After my site was hacked and literally destroyed by a virus in 2012 (yes, I know that is two years ago…eek), I decided I needed something new to reflect the new direction of my career. Less showing final products, more talking about research and process.

Why did it take me two years to do? Because I tried to plug away at it on my own. First while completing my masters. Then, during the illness of pregnancy and keeping up with work. Finally, I thought mat leave would give me just the time I needed to craft my story. I thought wrong. I got a screamer—no room for personal projects.

Even in the bustle of working full-time with toddler in tow I was sick of lacking the web presence I required. The problem? See sentence one: I am a busy mama. The beauty? I have two incredible and talented colleagues who jumped at the chance to help. Just further proof that collaboration and teams are vital. I love it.

I want to introduce you to Elissa Watts and Samantha Welsh. This international copy writing and editing team that made this site possible.

Elissa tirelessly crafted a major portion of the site’s content. From Scotland. She gets me better than I know myself and can turn my rambles into concise works of literary art. Sam drafted the case studies while traveling between the east coast of both Canada and the US. Thank you. Thank you.

It is a wonderful mystery how my passion of distilling complexity just doesn’t quite compute when creating work about myself. I am thankful to know these women. So, if you read this site and want to work with me: you might also want look down the line for a copywriter (Elissa) and a community engagement guru (Sam).

Check out their work, they are people you want to know. Thanks friends, I appreciate you greatly!

P.S: Over the coming weeks I plan on tidying up some archived blog posts to fit the new format so please bear with me. Other than that, read a case study or two, have some fun learning all about who I am and then contact me. I would love to get to know you too.

Photo Credit: Charlie Beck

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