What are you working on?

A lot of friends and family members have been asking what you do in grad school for design. This semester I was able to get plugged into Emily Carr in many ways. I am the Student Union representative for the graduate students and I am working on three research projects. The thesis and school work is off to a slow start so I figure now would be the best time to learn about all the opportunities available here. I spent the first few weeks meeting with professors and learning about their areas of practice. I am very excited to be here and looking forward to the next two years. I am working with Louise St. Pierre, an industrial designer and sustainability expert, and her class to research systems thinking. Her class is working with local organization PowerTech on sustainable transportation and electric vehicle charging stations. My research will be to learn systems thinking and build a lesson plan for the course as well as incorporate the students projects into some sort of document.

For my research professor, Deborah Shackleton I will be working with another MAA student, Elisa Yon, to bring Deborah’s research together and build best recommendations for a patient portal for BC Children’s Hospital.

With my studio professor, Haig Armen, I’ll be helping their team with Pulse Energy. Pulse created a system for monitoring buildings and we will be doing user research with their clients to see how they can improve their software.

I am also working with another grad student and some undergrad students to design all the material for the iDMAa conference happening on campus next month.

Writing it all out sounds like a lot of things but each is a small weekly commitment. The biggest challenge will be transitioning from one big job to managing many smaller individual projects.

JournalKaren Whistler